Saturday, 11 October 2014

Myanmar Census 2014.

Myanmar total population                           51419420.
Male                                                         24821176. (48.2%)
Female                                                      26598244.(51.8%)

Most Populated areas

Yangon Division                   7355075.                             14.3%
Ayawaddy Division               6175123.                             12.01%
Mandalay Division                6145588.                              11.95%

Less populate areas

Kayah State                                                                        0.56%
Chin State                                                                          0.93%
Naypyitaw                                                                          2.25%

City living population          14864119.                               29.6%

YangonDivision                     70.1%
Kachin                                 36%

Yangon  City                        5.2 Million
Mandalay                             1.23 Million                                                        

Ref: August 31, 2014. Kyemone National News P. 9 and 24.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

10 reasons why so many people are moving to Texas

1. Jobs -world energy capital Houston
2. It's cheaper-based on cheap labour and poor regulation.
3. Homes-Land is cheaper than elsewhere and the process of land acquisition very efficient
4. Low tax-Texas is one of only seven states where residents pay no personal state income tax
5. Pick your own big city-Texas has six of the country's 20 biggest cities, if you're in Texas you can be in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, or El Paso.
6. Austin in particular-Sense of Place and Creative Resistance in Austin, Texas
7. Family-friendly- a reasonable mortgage and pretty good schools, Texas has been particularly popular with families, and some of its cities now have an above-average number of children.
8. Fewer rules-Texas is liberal in the classic sense, it's laissez-faire, so there's a lack of regulations
9. Texans are normal people-The state likes to proclaim itself as an unpretentious, down-to-earth place where people are easy to get along with.
10. And they're not going anywhere-more than three-quarters of adults born in Texas still live there.

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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Yup Nlu Ai Manghkang

A run of poor sleep can have a dramatic effect on the internal workings of the human body, say UK researchers. Yup npyaw ai manghkang gaw hkum hkrang a sai lasaw lasa shamu shamawt lam hpe ahtu hkra shangun ya nga ai. Bat mi daram lani mi hkying hkum 6 hta yawm nna yup ai ni gaw, hkum hkrang kata na laswi lasa ni hpe galai shai kau shangun nga ai. Ga shadawn: salum, sai jit shum ai, lasi lamun hte baw nu a bungli galaw ai lam ni hpe laja lana hkra ya nga ai. Raitim, yup ten law ai masha ni hta hpa byin ai lam gaw hkrak nchye lu nga ai.
Lana mi hkying hkum 10 hta jan yup ai masha 26 hte hkying hkum 6 hta yawm nna yup ai masha ni a sai hpe shaw la nna jep yu ai shaloi, genes 700 jan shai hkat ai lam mu tam ma ai. Law yup ai masha ni gaw hkum hkrang hpe kya shangun tim ra nga ai dat hpe jahpring ya nga ai lam mu tam ma ai. Ga shadawn: machyi ai masha ni hkring sa yup lu yang hkam kaja lawan ai hpe mu lu ai.
Shani aten na jan shingkang a majaw hkum hkrang kata na genes nkau mi n gun kya nna atsam htum mat wa chye nga ai. Raitim, yup hkring sa ai marang e n gun bai ban jahpring la lu nga ai. Prof Smith tsun ai: "Clearly sleep is critical to rebuilding the body and maintaining a functional state, all kinds of damage appear to occur - hinting at what may lead to ill health.
Yup nhkru ai majaw lasaw lasa kaji ni bai nhkrung wa lu yang gaw hkum hkrang hta laja lana re ai ana ahkya ni byin wa lu nga ai. Dr Akhilesh Reddy, (a specialist in the body clock at the University of Cambridge) mung ndai mu tam sawk sagawn lam hpe myit lawm hpa bungli kaba langai re nga tsun nga ai. Nang hpam malu masha lu sha ai ni gaw, yup nkam ai mabyin hte kapyawn nga ai majaw, asak kadun shangun nga ai da law.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Panglai Htumpa na Gas tawng htu shaw lu sai

Mungkan hta Japan ni shawng Panglai htumpa na Gas tawng hpe htu shaw
Production test
  • Methane hydrate gaw wan hkru lu ai hka ge tawng re.

Mungkan hta yawng a shawng e Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC) ni hku nna sung ai panglai kata na Gas hpe htu shaw  lu sai lam ndau dat masai. Shanhte a nhkun dabang gaw Japan Nankai Trough panglai hkin gau the Kilometer 50 tsan ai kaw rai nga ai. Ndai Gas lu shaw sai majaw Japan ni maigan na mari jai lang nga ai wan sau jahpu manghkang kaw na lawt na sai nga ma ai.
Kaga Canada, US the Miwa ni mung ndai zawn byin wa na matu ladat shaw nga ai shaning law law na sai. Ndai gas hpan hpe panglai kata sha nrai, hka ge bum ni a kata hkan mung nga ai lam sawn maram da ma ai.
Hka ge tawng the gayau nna gumdin nga ai gas re majaw, htu shaw la lu ai atawng ni hpe jai lang mai ai madang du hkra lam the lam naw jen garan ra nga ai. Ndai gas tawng ni hpe dun a manga ning laman mung shawa daw tsa jai lang lu na sai nga ma ai.
Fire ice

Sunday, 13 January 2013

No Myanmar jets across border

BEIJING, Jan. 6 (Xinhuanet) --China’s air force has issued a statement saying no Myanmar jets have entered Chinese territory. The statement came in response to reports that Myanmarese fighter jets had mistakenly entered China after armed conflict broke out in northern Myanmar. The statement says the closest Myanmar jets is five kilometers away from the border. Meanwhile, Chinese Foreign Ministry confirmed that three bombs landed in China last Sunday during conflict between the Myanmar military and the Kachin Independence Army. China has demanded Myanmar take effective measures to prevent similar incidents from happening again. 

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Gara Hku Di Na?

Lai wa sai bat hta, Yangon Jinghpaw Hkalup Hpung Nawku Jawng de 6 ning a shawng na lang sa du kabye da sai. Masha ram ram law ai zawn shangwi shapyaw ai mung kraw she ganan nga ai. Nawku sa ai shawa masha ni hpe yu jahproi dat yang shawng de nhkrum nmu yu ai ni she law mat sai.

Grau myit shang sha shara gaw mungga htawn ai lam rai nga ai. Shawoi na zawn Mungga ga baw shaw madun tawn nna htawn tsun nga ma ai. Ndai bat hta gaw UN kaw nna masat ai World Environment Day rai malu ai. Dai majaw, English hku nna Green Economy: Does it include You? Ngu ai hpe Jinghpaw hku Atsit nsam sut lu nga mai lam: Nang mung lawm ai kun? Ngu nna ga byan da ma ai.

Ngai hku nna ndai ga byan ai hpe nau nra sharawng nngai. Green ngu shagu Atsit nre ngu ai lam re. Green Economy, Green Energy ngu ai ga gaw 21st century hta tsun lang ai ga si ni re. Ndai kaw Green ngu ai gaw tsit ai nsam nre. Green gaw san seng ai, maza mala n shabyin ai, makau grup yin hpe n jahten nhkra nna dingman san seng ai hku shinggyim masha hpe mung jam jau njaw ai sak hkrung lam (or) hpaga yumga lam, Energy ni hte sak hkrung nga pra ra saga ai ngu ai lam rai nga ai.
English hku ka da ai hpe ga byan ai shaloi ga hkum hpe byan ai hta tsun mayu ai hpe byan shadan dan na grau htap htuk nhten! Dai hte maren, Chyum laika hpe byan ai shaloi mung, jaw jaw byan ra nga ai. Yesu tsun ai ga hpe directly ading tawk byan ai shaloi gaw lachyum amyu mi, Shi tsun mayu ai hpe gawn dan ai shaloi gaw amyu mi rai nga ai. Nang gara hku byan ai hpe myit dik na nta?

Sunday, 4 March 2012

How Did You Know About God?

Dou you believe that God was ever born into this world?
Dou you believe that God learned the trade of a carpenter?
Dou you believe that God increased in knowledge?
Dou you believe that God cast devils out of men (people)?
Dou you believe that God's garments could cure diseases?
Dou you believe that God allowed himself to be murdered?
Dou you believe that in the hour of death 'forsook' himself?
For me, these things I did not and could not believe. (Giordano Bruno)
Giordano Bruno was burnt to death by heartless church Priest (Pope Clement VIII) on February 8, 1600. Once, he was a Christian, he lives in monastery. Later, he became a philosopher and the first who found "the earth moved about the Sun, and that there were many planets throughout the Universe where life-living creations of God-existed".
Decade by decade, religion denies the truth about this world. Today, many religious leaders still preaching and teaching about the truth of last 2000 years. 
Bruno's ethical ideals with religious ascetical ethics appeal to modern humanistic activism, and his ideal of religious and philosophical tolerance influenced to modern thinkers in the western world.  

Nawku Htung Hte Hpaji Hku Mu Lu Ai Mungkan (The Universe under the religious and secular)

Jan hpe gindai tawn nna gayin shinggrup nga ai mungkan ni
Chyum Laika hta, Abraham Ura mare kaw nna pru hkawm mat wa ai aten gaw shaning 4000 hta njan shi nga ai. Abraham kaw nna Adam a prat du hkra shaning 2000 hta njan nga ai. Adam kaw nna mungkan hpan ai (byin wa ai) ten du hkra hpe hkrak nchye lu ai lam mu lu na ga ai. Dai majaw, Hkristan makam masham hku yu ai shaloi, ndai mungkan hta shinggyim masha nga pra hpang wa ai lam gaw shaning 6000 hta njan ai lam dan leng nga ai.
Hpan da ai labau hpe yu ai shaloi, K.K gaw ndai mungkan hte sumsing lamu, nhtoi hte hka (salu salat) ni hpe shawng hpan ai hpe mu lu nga ai. Raitim, Universe (ndai gang hkau planets) kata hta mungkan ga hta grau kaba ai, kaji ai Planet yawng sen lahkawng jan nga nga ai hpe ntsun shalawm da nga ai. Dai majaw, K.K a hpan da ai lam hpe shinggyim masha ni a bawnu machye machyang hte hkawn hkrang dep hkap ai daram hte shalat (create) galaw da ai lam dan leng nga ai. Dai majaw, nawku htung ngu ai gaw, shinggyim hpawng kata rau pra hpawng de lu na matu masha shagu hta nga ra ai kyang lailen hte myit  su ai masa hpe gaw de ya ai hta lai, ndai mungkang planet a lam hpe tsun dang rang na lam nhku nga ai.
Nawku htung hku nna Mungkan ga hpe htai dan yu masai. Jan gaw mungkan hoe hkawm shinggrup nga ai, mungkan gaw hpyen hpyen pa pa rai nna nga ai ngu ai lam njaw ai hpe hpaji ninghkring ni law law tsun shadum tim nawku hpung gaw nhkap la masai. Grau nna Galileo gaw mungkan din ai lam tsun ai a majaw Nawku hpung ningbaw Bishop ni e sat kau hkrum sai. Kaja wa tengman ai hpe nhkam la lu ai gaw Hpung rai nga ai ngu yang nshut na zawn rai nga ai. Nawku hpung gaw mungkan ndai hpyen hpyen pa pa re ai, lamu sumsing gaw ntsa kaw ndi magap zawn ka-up nga ai ngu ai nteng nman ai myit sawn sumru lam sharin achyin ya masai re. 
Hpungtang hpaji mu jut hku yu ai shaloi, ndai mungkan hta shinggyim masha ni nga ai shaning sen kahtap nga sai hpe sawk yu lu nga ai. Dai majaw, Hkristan makam a ningmu hte Hpungtang hpaji a sawk bram ai lapran langai ngai gaw shut na ang nga sai. Dai ni, hpaji ninghkring ni law law gaw, kaga planet langai ngai kaw asak hkrung ai hpan lama ma nga dam nhten? or ndai ganghkau kata kaw asak hkrung ai masha gaw anhte mungkan kaw nga ai ni sha gaw nrai nhten! ngu ai lam pru wa ra ai. 
Dai majaw, kaga hpa lam raitim nawku htung hku nna chye lu ai lam hte mungkan hpaji hku mu lu ai lam ni gaw shai hkat nga sai. Karai Kasang hpe mu ai mung shai hkat nga sai. Ana ahkya hpe mu ai lam, tsa dan nat hpe mu ai lam, nkaja ai zinli hpe mu ai lam hte shinggyim masha amyu hpe mu ai du hkra shai hkat wa sai majaw, nawku hpung kaw nna mu mada hkam la ai lam ni gaw mungkan htum ai ten du hkra grin ngam nga lu na a ni? ngu ai gaw gasan kaba tai wa sai law...