Sunday, 4 March 2012

How Did You Know About God?

Dou you believe that God was ever born into this world?
Dou you believe that God learned the trade of a carpenter?
Dou you believe that God increased in knowledge?
Dou you believe that God cast devils out of men (people)?
Dou you believe that God's garments could cure diseases?
Dou you believe that God allowed himself to be murdered?
Dou you believe that in the hour of death 'forsook' himself?
For me, these things I did not and could not believe. (Giordano Bruno)
Giordano Bruno was burnt to death by heartless church Priest (Pope Clement VIII) on February 8, 1600. Once, he was a Christian, he lives in monastery. Later, he became a philosopher and the first who found "the earth moved about the Sun, and that there were many planets throughout the Universe where life-living creations of God-existed".
Decade by decade, religion denies the truth about this world. Today, many religious leaders still preaching and teaching about the truth of last 2000 years. 
Bruno's ethical ideals with religious ascetical ethics appeal to modern humanistic activism, and his ideal of religious and philosophical tolerance influenced to modern thinkers in the western world.  

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